April 4, 2012
"Unconscious or not, altering the tape in this way was incredibly unfair to Zimmerman, and incredibly stupid for NBC . How did they not think they would be caught? The real tape is out there."

Ta-Nehisi Coates, on the rank stupidity of altering the Zimmerman tape. (via theatlantic)

Well, yeah. But is it strange of me to be a bit happy that a national news source edited the tape to make Zimmerman look MORE racist, rather than less?

(via theatlantic)

March 28, 2012
"[C]onservatives have started trying to justify Trayvon’s death, which tells you all you need to know about modern American conservatism. Liberals get angry about a senseless murder, so conservatives decide that the murder must have been proper because liberals are angry about it. Trayvon deserved to die because he was 17 and not the little kid who shows up in all those photos in the media! He deserved to die because when he was pursued by someone with a gun he may have fought back! He deserved to die because he was suspended from school for having a plastic bag, traditionally used to hold pot! This is what modern conservatism has come to: demonizing a dead kid for being in the wrong place and the wrong time."

Chris Bird at Mightygodking, writing on Trayvon Martin.

This aspect of what’s been going on is the weirdest part of the past week, and I’m glad Bird stated it so cogently. I honestly don’t think that most of the people backlashing against Trayvon are doing it because they think that killing a 17 year old black boy is justified if he wears a hoodie and looks scary; maybe I am being naive, but I don’t think that these people are that evil. I think they’re just that obsessed with the Culture War bullshit.

This is why you get articles about how George Zimmerman was a registered Democrat, and why they’re so quick to point out that his mother is Latina — because in the binary Culture War version of reality, liberals are angry about Trayvon Martin, and if Zimmerman is a Democrat and a person of color, then he can be safely shunted over to our tribe. Which makes us, at best, confused (if this is all viewed through a Culture War lens, then Zimmerman/Martin is just liberal-on-liberal crime) and, if your tunnel vision is full-on blindness, hypocrites or something.

Then you smear Trayvon, because the idea that liberals could be right about something doesn’t compute. Liberals say he’s a good kid, and liberals lie constantly, so you look for proof — then the police leak info about how he got suspended from school once, and you post the pictures of a black kid (but not actually him) looking all scary and thuggish, and you start advocating “due process” like you’ve ever given a shit about that in your life, and your “don’t trust the government or the media” rhetoric goes flying out the window when a slanted police report gets reprinted in the paper — and all of this is great, because it confirms what you’ve believed for so long: liberals are liars.

And if the path you need to take to get there is smearing a murdered black kid, well, that’s just what it takes to gleefully feel self-righteous. And the Culture War triumphs.

(Incidentally, this is also why attempts to paint Zimmerman as a right-wing gun nut made me really uncomfortable — because it fits this Culture War narrative perfectly, and sets everything along the track for this same nonsense. Same thing with Jared Lee Loughner-as-Conservative activist; or the Wendy Davis arson as an anti-abortion protest. Viewing everything through that political lens feeds the Culture War, too, and lends credence to the “both sides do it” bullshit that makes it so difficult to get to any sort of truth.)

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March 27, 2012
High School & Trayvon


All of this focus on Trayvon Martin’s character after his getting suspended in high school—for an empty bag of weed, no less—is disconcerting. Anyone can get suspended for the silliest of offenses. Your tumblr was threatened with an in-school suspension in middle school for throwing a pencil across the room. Later in high school, your tumblr was sentenced to a ten-day suspension for a rather ambitious commerce scheme involving the school’s hockey fan club, t-shirt sales, and the morning news. (The suspension was later dropped to one day at home—which your tumblr found far more rewarding than punishment.) The point is: we all get reprimanded in school. And we all wear hoodies. We’d even bet a few of you have wound up in the lonely company of an empty bag containing traces of marijuana from time to time. Let’s stop this character assassination and stay focused on the facts of the case, Internet.

YES, INDEED. None of the things Trayvon was accused of has ANYTHING to do with his murder. NONE of them make him deserving of being killed in the manner in which he was murdered. He could have been a convicted felon, and he STILL wouldn’t be deserving of being shot for walking down the street wearing a hoodie and carrying skittles. 

Fuck EVERYONE who thinks these things make it more ok for George Zimmerman to have murdered Trayvon. Fuck them all to hell. 

March 12, 2012
To the people defending George Zimmerman:


Let me break this down as simply as I possibly can. Trayvon was at his father’s house when he decided to go to the convenience store down the street to get skittles and iced tea. On his way back George Zimmerman called 911 because he thought Trayvon looked “suspicious”. The 911 dispatcher specifically told him NOT TO FOLLOW TRAYVON and that POLICE WERE ALREADY ON THE WAY. This 28 YEAR OLD, ARMED MAN decides to ignore the 911 dispatcher and follow 17 YEAR OLD Trayvon IN HIS CAR.

After following him for a while, George Zimmerman decides to get out of his car and confront Trayvon. They then (allegedly) get into a fight and George Zimmerman, the 28 YEAR OLD, ARMED, GROWN ASS MAN decides to SHOOT TRAYVON IN THE CHEST AND KILL HIM. When the police show up, HE ADMITS TO SHOOTING AND KILLING TRAYVON. THE POLICE LET HIM WALK AWAY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

How in the hell can you people defend that? He completely ignored the instructions of 911 dispatch, followed a kid in his car, and then shot and killed him in cold blood.  At the very fucking least he should have been taken into police custody for questioning. What happened to Trayvon and how the police handled it makes absolutely no fucking sense. Anyone with half a fucking brain should be outraged at the fact that they are letting this man get away with murder. If you are defending George Zimmerman, you are defending a murderer. You are condoning his actions. You are upholding the white supremacist system that says Black children are inherently suspicious and that everyone has the right to follow and kill them. 

I guess I should just be glad that no one on my dash is defending this murderer.

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