March 8, 2012
I’m Getting Tired Of Tumblr’s Bullshit



I just sent this letter to, and any email address of a Tumblr employee I could get a hold of.

Dear Tumblr,

I’m going to need everyone on the staff and particularly the people in charge of policy issues to get a damn grip and quit making bad decisions. 

I just found out about the situation happening with the dumbthhingswhitepplsay Tumblr and the warning the owner received from you regarding “abusive behavior”

Your email to this user is completely unacceptable for many reasons, but chiefly because you never do anything about the “abusive behavior” women and people of color are subjected to on Tumblr EVERY DAY, especially if their blogs are of a social justice bent. 

Now I gather from the little pictures on the staff page that most of you are white and most of you are male, so perhaps you don’t think this is a very big deal or that we’re just being oversensitive. If you truly believe this, I invite you to take a look at this post (conveniently on Tumblr!).

If clicking a link is just too much work for you, let me summarize: racial slurs, rape threats, death threats. And that’s just Tuesday.

Until you put some effort into dealing with these issues — issues that have been constantly brought to your attention, yet you ignore — then you don’t get to whine about the “abusive behavior” of women and/or POC who decide to fight back with words. You certainly have no leg to stand on for “punishing” us for TOC violations.

To put it more plainly: it is not abusive to tell the person calling you a nigger and threatening to rape you to go to hell.

The fact that you think it’s okay to bring this victim blaming crap to the women and people of color on Tumblr shows that you aren’t actually thinking through your policy decisions over there, you’re just letting whoever is minding the store at that moment make a personal judgment based on nothing but their own narrow-minded viewpoints. 

Get your house together Tumblr. Perhaps if you went after the people determined to harass us we wouldn’t have to be so “abusive” to the poor dears.

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September 19, 2011
Mariano Rivera is forever the greatest closer of all time.


Your argument is invalid.

I’m a card carrying Yankee Hater. Never the less, this is 100% true.

That said, the whole idea of a closer is bullshit. 


September 7, 2011
Science: "Ladies, We Still Don't Understand Your Orgasms"




After all this time, and all this science, scientists are still unsure of the evolutionary purpose of the female orgasm. Men have orgasms so they can ejaculate and spread their seed to continue their lineage. But why do women have orgasms? And more curiously, why do so few women — 1 out of 10 — actually have them? What it comes down to is this: No one can really figure it out. The female orgasm might be just as vestigial as lactation in men, a byproduct of a bygone part of our biological makeup that shows how very similar we really are. Not that we’re complaining about our useless orgasms, but still. Sometimes it’s cool to know what’s going on behind all that excitement.


Only 10% of women have orgasms?!

Because…. that seems incorrect. 

I’m pretty fucking sure more than 10% of women masturbate, and that’s a means to orgasm. Right? RIGHT??

Okay, I’m about to go have an elusive female orgasm (or several) because I’m suddenly feeling extremely insecure about my ability to come. What if they take it away? WHAT IF??!?

There’s no fucking way. Maybe only 1 in 10 women report having orgasms during intercourse. But I HIGHLY doubt only 1 in 10 women have ever had an orgasm in her lifetime.

Plus, why are scientists still arguing about this? Female orgasms obviously have an advantage when you (male scientists!) stop implicitly assuming rape is an evolutionarily advantageous mating strategy AND if you stop projecting contemporary sexism back into prehistory.

I think it’s safe to assume that our ancient forebears had no fucking clue how reproduction actually worked. They likely understood that sex had something to do with it, but I doubt they even suspected the link between ejaculation and fertilization, especially given that human female ovulation is not obvious to the naked eye. Cavemen would have sex with cavewomen and sometimes a baby would be the result, sometimes not.

It’s likely that ancient humans thought women were the main (re)producers of life, i.e. had the most control over when they conceived. Raping women randomly might get you offspring, but it might also get you kicked the fuck out of your tribe/village/whatever.

We also know for a fact that human children are helpless for a long time after birth. A woman recovering from childbirth couldn’t go out and bring home a fucking wooly mammoth on her own. She needed a partner (or several) to help support her and her children while they were helpless. Given this (and some evidence from studying the few preindustrialized peoples left living in remote corners of the earth), it’s likely that early humans raised children communally. That would ensure evolutionary success, not just a bunch of cave dudes putting their cave dicks into unwilling cave vaginas. Ensuring your genetic material survives is not necessarily just about reproducing as many kiddies as possible—it’s also about making sure they actually survive into adulthood!

You can’t ensure your bundles of genetic material (children) survive all the rigors of a harsh primitive existence without a little help from not only your baby mamas, but your baby mamas’ mamas, papas, cousins, sisters, etc. And I doubt those necessarily tightly knit, extended family/kinship networks in early human societies would tolerate the men basically raping the women. We’re inherently social creatures and coerced sex is inherently anti-social.

OK, so winding down: female orgasms make evolutionary sense because orgasms feel fucking great! Women who feel good are more likely to stick with a particular partner (or two, or three, if you believe that ancient peoples were poly, which I do). Figuring out how female sexual pleasure works is something that comes with time and necessitates a sensitive partner…not a rapist. Given everything I’ve discussed above, it makes more sense to think that female orgasms are not merely a vestigial scrap tossed to women, but something that ensured bonding among partners, which was necessary for evolutionary success.

That’s the problem with speculation about evolution: If you start off with a bad, sexist, patriarchal, culturally-specific premise like, “female orgasms are useless”, then your theories are going to be bad. Oftentimes, shifting to a feminist perspective can answer questions that many scientists have deemed mysterious.

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